National Design Awards

When it comes to some of the finest examples of collaboration between security, design, technology and innovation, the NSSA National Design Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate our members most outstanding security screen projects.  

2021 Design Awards 

The NSSA joined the AGWA (formerly know as the AWA) Design Awards in 2018, to celebrate the success, innovation, creativity, skills and professionalism of our industry. The National Design Awards have been celebrated in a formal, social environment , providing members and industry with the opportunity to congratulate and celebrate contenders and winners. 

NSSA Installation Awards

The Best Installation Awards recognise security screen products that complement and enhance the design of a construction. The security products are presented to showcase and highlight the way in which they contribute to and improve the attractiveness of the construction.

2019 Best Installation Commercial

Stan Bond SA | Project: Fish River Station, Northern Territory

Stan Bond SA manufacturer of Crimsafe Security Screens, worked with the student team at the University of SA's Design and Construct Program, who were commissioned to upgrade the existing ranger accommodation at Fish River Station NT.

Previously only having a floor with no roof or walls, the facilities is used by Aboriginal rangers from the Daly River community and is a meeting place for locals. Increased security from regular intruders was not the primary focus for this installation, which aimed to prevent snakes, dingos and feral buffalo from entering the facility. The Crimsafe system featuring stainless steel was chosen due to its physical durability and minimal ongoing maintenance.

Judges Comments: "The ranger accommodation at Fish River Station was rudimentary at best with a roof and floor - but no walls. The installation of walls helped address the extreme climatic conditions and make a more comfortable space".

Accepting the Award at AusFenex19 Design Awards: Andrew Earles - Stan Bond SA


2019 Best Installation Residential

CSI: Chalmers Security Installations | Project: Brookfield, QLD

CSI: Chalmers Security Installations were recognised for their exceptional security screen installation to a residence in Brookfield, Queensland. The architecturally designed residence is located in an idyllic bush land setting, so ensuring the aspect was free of impediments was a primary consideration for the homeowner. 

The interior configuration and layout of the home called for a quality security system to enable it to be opened to natural ventilation without the risk of intruders entering. Personal security was a major consideration for the family, along with protection from insects and bush fire, given the rural bush setting. 

Two of the houses orientations primarily feature glazed door and window areas, demonstrating that natural daylight was equally important.

Judges Comments: "Set on acreage this home required security, insect screening and fire protection. The judges felt this was met well in an unobtrusive way while keeping the home open and airy".

Accepting the Award at AusFenEx19 Design Awards: Stephen Chalmers - CSI: Chalmers Security Installations


2019 AGWA Most Innovative Component Award

The Most innovative Component Award recognises products which distinctly take into account growing issues that are present in today's market - solar, thermal, noise, security, aesthetics, ergonomics and environmental factors, or products that uniquely address a market problem or need. The Most Innovative Component Award is open to all members of AGWA and NSSA.

2019 Most Innovative Component

Prowler Proof | Component: Prowler Proof Hinge Window Security Screen

The new Prowler Proof Hinge Window Security Screen is an operable system designed with a frame and sash and is the first security window screen to incorporate the Euro-groove channel within the sash, featuring Euro-groove hardware in the design.

Depending on the screen size, the security screen can have from five to thirteen security points. The multi-point fixing channel allows installers to choose which fixing location they use, to suit specific applications.  All locking and hinging hardware is concealed from internal and external view, further increasing security.

Judges Comments:  "A security screen that meets BAL-40 requirements that incorporates hidden multiple fixings to provide high level security that also has the ability to swing open for cleaning and emergency egress, is as the judges declared, an excellent example of innovation".

Accepting the Award at AusFenex19 Design Awards: Michael Henry and Amanda Old - Prowler Proof


2018 Installation Award Winners


2018 Best Installation Commercial

Amplimesh Security Screens | Project: East Perth Train Station, Perth WA

This train station overpass needed to be safe and secure while still allowing for viability, light transmission and ventilation.

Amplimesh SupaScreen was used along the walls of the pedestrian overpass. The screens have created a feeling of openness by allwing free flowing air while providing shade on hot days.  The 'anti-throw' attribute reduces opportunistic vandalism and ensures the safety of pedestrians both on and beneath the overpass.

Judges Comments:

"This project demonstrates how effectively security screens can be used to solve multiple problems in an unobtrusive way".

Accepting the Award at Fenestration Australia Gala Dinner: Jack Ryan - Amplimesh


2018 Best Installation Residential

Guardian Screens & Shutters |  Project: Residential QLD

There were many factors involved in choosing the right products for this project. In order to answer the design brief, the products needed to complement the existing building, be strong, customisable, retain longevity, aesthetically pleasing and provide an unobstructed view to the rear of the property.

The application chosen was Crimsafe Ultimate Bi-Fold system and Crimsafe Ultimate Sliding/Stacking security screen doors. 

Judges Comments:

"The brief and clients concerns and requests were thoughtfully met, providing an impressively large and functional screened room".

Accepting the Award at Fenestration Australia Gala Dinner: Derek Tidey - Crimsafe, on behalf of Blair and Rod Collins - Guardian Screens & Shutters.